Something in the voice enjoys alarmed the woman: “Are what you ok?

Almost smiling now, Homer seems to have liked the brand new disruption (14

one she would-be frustrating children meeting (several.4). “I’m by yourself” (a dozen.5), the guy answers. Do you want help?” (twelve.6). “Everything’s ok, Felicity, really. If there is you to man within the good shape throughout the whole condition, you are talking-to him! It is a fact!” (several.6). Homer try unsettled by the telephone call, however,, when the Homer’s sample on lightness

Fig. 5. Photo mirror this new layout to generally share the latest character’s disconnected facts. Out-of Cosey, SaigonHanoi (2000), web page several; Cosey © Editions Dupuis, 2007.

cannot ring correct on the viewer, the new sarcasm regarding their reply appears destroyed with the kid. Carrying the old-designed cellular phone toward kitchen area, Homer takes out a cupboard and you will reveals a case-body gestures a whole lot more physical than just meaningful. With this particular attack of the additional globe, Homer’s to the industry are disconnected: mimicking brand new design from the types of comic-book page, the new contours

of the white kitchen area cupboards (a dozen.4) plus the unlock, compartmented closet (12.5) apparently divide your kitchen area into structures and you can gutters, nevertheless story it give stays indecipherable, very much like the telephone talk (contour 5). Felicity says to him that he reminds the woman away from their grandmother-the girl companion-and requires your if he has a great “companion” (12.5). That it seem to anodyne concern attracts this new Vietnam Conflict into their dialogue. Homer hesitates just before responding “Hum . . . . . . I got you to definitely” (12.5), after that incorporating, “During the Vietnam . . . ” (thirteen.1), as he opens up a cabinet door (13.1). The following figure try a close-right up of your own cabinet’s articles. Felicity’s “Oh, I’m very sorry,” in the a bluish balloon, was wedged one of the market the lower a jar regarding honey, as though this lady sweet apology you will assuage the unhealed psychic injuries you to she’s unknowingly touched. 2), and that Felicity tend to metaphorically and you may accidentally remain raining to the Homer’s discover conflict wounds together with her amusing retorts: “I did not mean to get in your territorial oceans . . . Specifically into the The fresh Year’s eve . . . ” (13.3). Spoken only since the a simple metaphor getting Homer’s personal lifetime, “Territorial waters” together with always will bring in your thoughts new August 1964 Gulf regarding Tonkin Incident, hence led to brand new Gulf off Tonkin Resolution plus the discover engagement of your own Us regarding the Vietnam War. Homer silences their attitude-“It’s absolutely nothing. Don’t be concerned” (13.3). He doesn’t want, or perhaps is maybe not ready, to speak easily about Vietnam towards the man, and you may transform the niche by inquiring just what Father christmas delivered this lady (thirteen.4). As he requires, the guy himself grabs an orange regarding his wallet regarding groceries, the fresh new fruit you to definitely, usually, Santa otherwise Saint Nicholas brings to help you a good offspring. You will it be seen since a last try from the persuading himself of your own simple righteousness of the American wedding from the Vietnam Combat? New conversation comes to an end with a pledge away from a potential phone call the brand new next day: “Anytime,-Really glad having heard the voice, Felicity” (fourteen.1).

However, near the jar out of honey sits a large field out of sodium (13

2). He today transforms the tv to see the brand new documentary (15). The fresh orange colors that reigns over this page glares unpleasantly. The brand new lime balloon (15.9) who has the text of your own feedback spreads along the bottom figure and you can mostly obliterates the latest gutter above it, when you’re the jagged boundary means a good jarring sound: a visual aggression towards reader and you may a keen auditory one to to have Homer. What’s allowed to be limited by the tv display have occupied the complete

strip: wheeled during the a great tricycle sits a man searching surprisingly such Jerry Garcia of one’s Grateful Inactive and you can using a T-top you to reads “Vietnam Veteran.” The guy and a throng away from Vietnamese to your mopeds is literally spilling towards Homer’s living room, intimidating so you can engulf in their wave the reader and additionally Homer, who’s resting regarding the correct-hand spot of your remove and you can coloured in the chill colours.

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